chaise longue PAPILLON

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Within 3 months after the conclusion of the contract.
Manufacture - Italy
Factory - Felis
Dimensions, cm - 173 x 225 x h130cm 193 x 225 x h130cm 213 x 235 x h130cm other sizes
High The headboard of the Tiffany bed from Felis is decorated with an interweaving of 9 multi-colored stripes of soft fabric. You can be creative in your bedroom design, unleash your talent and choose any color combination from the Felis upholstery collection. The decorative stitching on the base of the bed, in its geometry, repeats the theme of interlacing stripes in the headboard. If necessary, over time, some of the stripes can be replaced so that the bed always looks perfect. Or if you just want to change the color scheme.

*price is indicated for a bed measuring 180x200cm with a slatted frame, in fabric category S

Technical description