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Production - Italy
Factory - Strato
Dimensions, cm -
Uniqueness Tatoo sculptural island made of titanium steel, equipped with a cabinet with a sink and a cabinet with drawers. The drawers are equipped with elegant dividers and a soft-closing mechanism for efficient use. Brushed steel combined with titanium steel in a traditional technique developed by Marco Gorini especially for the Strato is the material of choice for the worktop.
The worktop features a flush-mounted sink and hobs with a Bora extractor fan.
The structure of the plinth, rising obliquely, repeats the lines of the central part of the body and passes into the hinged worktop. The elegant top panel, crafted by Italian cabinet makers, is a surface finished in steel and black oak with a Tatoo motif. Dimensions: length 373.8 cm, depth 90 cm, height 93 cm
Materials: titanium steel, brushed stainless steel, steel inlay and black oak.