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Delivery on order
Within a period of 3 months after the conclusion of the contract.
Production - Italy
Factory - Tonon
Dimensions, cm -
The original Fl@t armchair from the TONON factory is made using modern technologies. Designer Martin Ballendat has managed to embody the perfect softness and maximum comfort in a thin and almost weightless shell. Strong fasteners that hold the seat and give it the desired shape are at the same time the main decorative element of this model. All this gives a feeling of springy lightness and provides an opportunity to have a good rest. It is no coincidence that the model has received many prestigious awards, including the award of the HQ Expo Las Vegas exhibition.
One of the advantages of the Fl@t chair is that for large contract orders, the transportation of chairs is simplified due to the fact that they are transported in a compact and disassembled form. And a smaller volume means less consumption of energy, fuel, and financial resources. Therefore, we can talk about an environmentally friendly product.