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Production - Italy
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The innovative storage system New Logica System can be used for any Valcucine kitchen model, which has given Valcucine the right to be called the most ergonomic kitchens. The New Logica System allows you to organize your working space in the kitchen with maximum convenience. It allows you to place all auxiliary kitchen equipment: cookware and utensils, small household appliances, electronic scales, dish dryer, cutting boards, a rotary mixer for convenient filling of pots with water, containers, hooks, hood, sockets and connectors, paper towel holders.

If necessary, all this can be hidden with a single movement of the hand. The facade consists of two parts: the lower one slides up or down, and the upper cabinet door is easily opened and closed due to the counterweight. The New Logica System storage system can also be used in an island kitchen. A great option for dividing the space into a kitchen area and a living area.