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Production - Italy
Factory - Opinionsiatti
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An enveloping and comfortable seat, a soothing shape with modern details are the hallmarks of Guelfo by Lapo Chatti.

Designed to revisit the most famous armchair of the eighteenth century in a complex and modern (sometimes ironic) reading, Guelfo was presented with its pouffe at the Salone 2015. Like any other part of the collection of that year, bergère also finds a rethinking of its concepts in the Middle Ages. On the one hand, the name Guelfo belongs to one of the opposition movements that influenced the history and culture of Florence in the Middle Ages, on the other hand, it is an ironic use of elements of the aesthetics of past eras in a modern incarnation.

Both the armchair and the pouffe can be upholstered in elegant black velvet, but also in distressed cowhide in brown or black tones.

Guelfo - will fit perfectly in both public and private spaces. For those who appreciate non-trivial decorative elements.