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Production - Italy
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The Riciclantica kitchen by Valcucine has received new finishes, textures, shapes and elements that have been developed by designers in recent years. The use of aluminium, steel, multi-layer laminate makes the facades of the Riciclantica kitchen unique in the furniture industry. Riciclantica are the thinnest and lightest facades, the frame is made of heavy-duty aluminum, and the panels are only 2 mm thick.
One of the features of this model of Valkucine kitchens is the possibility of mounting base cabinets in the form of hanging elements, which not only visually facilitates the composition, but also gives additional freedom in the kitchen.

The fronts of the Riciclantica Alluminio kitchen are made from 100% aluminium, and the absence of internal fasteners makes them recyclable without further dismantling.

Thanks to Valcucine's extensive research and innovation, Riciclantica Laminato kitchen fronts meet environmental requirements such as minimal consumption of raw materials and energy, durability, recyclability and the use of non-toxic finishing materials.

Riciclantica Inox Touch is a new version in stainless steel finish, pre-sanded and blued. A special coating allows you to make the surface of the facades very pleasant to the touch. The peculiarity of this model is the wall panel made in bog oak veneer, the rarest wood in the world.