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Production - Italy
Factory - Poltrona Frau
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The Assaya armchair was created especially for the design competition held in 2012 to celebrate the centenary of Poltrona Frau. "Assaya" from Marathi, native language of designer Satyendra Pakhalé, means "to provide comfortable support, to create a pleasant feeling." This model Poltrona Frau was released only after a couple of years after its development. Assaya is a cross between modern and traditional, between the needs of an evolving society and the excellence of craftsmen in the processing of different types of leather.

The back of the Assaya chair resembles the curves of a corset. The outer part of the chair has a series of skillful seams that give it plasticity. The pouffe, table and tray are an integral part of the project and are suitable for creating both a formal and informal atmosphere. The structure of the backrest and armrests consists of a rigid polyurethane foam backing.

The seat is made of aged beech with elastic straps and padding also in polyurethane foam. This chair rotates 360° and automatically returns to its original position. The chair exterior is upholstered in Cuoio Saddle Extra leather and Pelle Frau® leather for the interior and seat of the chair. The piping of the outer leather surface of the chair is decorated with elegant contrasting stitching. The base of this Poltron Frau chair, footrests and table are made of steel plates painted in aluminum color.

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