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Production - Italy
Factory - MissuraEmme
Dimensions, cm - 214 X 97 x h77cm
254 x 97 x h77cm
234 x 97 x h77cm
other sizes
The Argo sofa by MisuraEmme is the result of a perfect balance between shapes and materials. MisuraEmme furniture will fill your living room interior with personalized solutions thanks to the combination of upholstered furniture with various shelves, containers. It will be convenient for you not just to sit, it will be convenient for you to relax, read. Everything you need will be at hand. Designed by Mauro Lipparini.

Argo is MisuraEmme's modular upholstered furniture system, with which you can choose between an ordinary sofa with 2 types of armrests or a corner composition with elements without armrests, corner and terminal elements, a pouffe and a chaise longue. All elements are available in different sizes and perfectly combined and combined. The Argo model includes a coffee table and bookcase elements that can be placed on the side of the sofa or behind the sofa.

Seat cushions in a choice of 97 or 117 cm wide, padded with polyurethane foam of various densities covered with polyester fiber. The back cushions are stuffed with polyester fiber and feathers in a cotton cover. Shelves and sections for books are not structurally related to the sofa and can be placed anywhere. Their width is 38 cm, finishes: matt or glossy lacquer, veneer. The height of adjustable legs for sofas and book sections is 8 cm, made of metal.

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