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Production - Italy
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Designed by Gabriele Centazzo. "Genius Loci", with and without an island, is a new kitchen inspired by antique French cabinets and cabinets with hidden drawers. The drawer has always been of particular importance in the kitchen. This is especially true for those who love to cook, and who care about order and systematization in the kitchen. The unusual arrangement of Valcucine drawers allows you to have everything you need literally at hand.

The drawers are available in two versions: slanted and slightly protruding, thanks to which a special handle is formed. The new drawer models are custom made and available in a variety of finishes (inlaid or carved wood, inlaid marble) and finishes such as copper or aged brass. On the side panels of the kitchen it is possible to use the same pattern as on the drawers. This will give the whole composition a more beautiful and finished look.

Thanks to the new design of the tabletops (and the high plinth), it was possible to increase not only the size of the bases, but also their capacity by 15% (a bottle can fit there in an upright position).

To make the new kitchen even more functional, Air Logic storage has been added. A revolutionary new ergonomic system that can fit all your equipment if needed, including dish dryers, kitchen scales, small appliances, sockets, paper towel holders, faucets, ladle hooks and, if needed, even a range hood. The real "machine" for cooking. The island includes a new vertical panel that can be used both to hold kitchen utensils and to illuminate countertops and bar shelves thanks to the built-in LED panel.

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