Delivery to order
Within 3 months after the conclusion of the contract.
Manufacture - Italy
Factory - PoltronaFrau
Dimensions, cm - 142 x 75 x h48cm
The Bird table from the Poltrona Frau factory is a unique work of design art. It is released specially for the centenary of the birth of the Finnish sculptor Tapio Virkkala (1915-1985), who is a real cult figure in Scandinavian design.

The name of the table translates as "Bird". It is a design that symbolizes Virkkala's organic poetry and his desire to merge with nature. The sinuous form, at the same time very simple and abstract, is inspired by the silhouette of a bird, one of the main recurring natural motifs in Virkkala's work, which he returned to many times, along with his other favorite themes: shells, ice and leaves.

The table does not look more like a piece of furniture, but more like a sculpture of a heron engrossed in catching fish. But to some, it might seem more like a sculptural portrait of a kiwi bird. The images, vibrating, mingle with each other, like reflections in the water of a forest lake. This is completely in line with Tapio Wirkkala's design philosophy. In his work he blurred the boundaries between everyday objects and works of art, believing that only highly artistic art objects should surround people at all times.

The mass production of the table presented Poltrona Frau with a number of challenges. After all, in order to reproduce such light and graceful contours, it is necessary to possess the highest woodworking skills. One could say that this is a kind of aerobatics in furniture production. To recreate the characteristic symmetrical and diagonal design, the technique of joining multiple layers of birch wood of different thicknesses was used, the result of which is unpredictable every time. Thanks to this, no two Bird tables are alike and each one is absolutely unique.

The characteristic detail, which represents the general complexity of manufacturing, is an expressive curved leg, symbolizing the beak of a fantastic bird. It is made of a solid birch branch in the form of a central conical insert that runs along the entire surface of the table. The second leg is also made of solid birch and painted black, which gives a special expressive contrast to the whole object and is an elegant visual note of the whole composition.

The perfect smooth surface and the transparent organic coating of oil and wax are the finishing touch that emphasizes the beauty of the natural wood.
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