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Production - Italy
Factory - Bonaldo
Dimensions, cm -
The Tètra model by Bonaldo is the freedom to choose shapes to create a unique sofa. The Tètra sofa has been named one of the top 10 sofas of 2020 by Elle Decoration.
The Tètra upholstered furniture collection includes elements of rectangular, pentagonal and irregular shapes, which can be easily combined without any restrictions and create geometric compositions that fully correspond to the name of the collection. The simple shaped backs rest freely on the elements and together form a sofa that feels like a celebration of freedom, movement, novelty, aesthetics and comfort. The Tètra collection is the ultimate expression of the aesthetic spirit inherent in Mauro Lipparini's creations for Bonaldo, with their contemporary designs and details. Tètra is a sofa that can perfectly adapt to different functional and stylistic needs without losing its individuality.

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