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Manufacture - Italy
Factory - Porada
Dimensions, cm - 200 x 200 x h74 cm
The elegant Fuji round table from the Porada factory is made of solid walnut and looks very unusual. The source of inspiration for its creation was the famous Japanese volcano Fuji, and designer T. Colzani very successfully reproduced the main detail in his creation - the vent. The tabletop is formed by twelve panels tightly adjacent to each other, and there is a deep recess in the center. It can be used as a built-in holder for a vase of flowers or fruit, and it will look like a Fuji eruption. At the base of the table there is a massive bronze disk, which serves as an additional decoration and gives the entire structure remarkable stability.

Fuji – round table made of canaletto walnut. The tabletop has a solid canaletto walnut edge and is composed of 12 segments. Each segment includes 2 parts with a different direction of wood pattern, which forms the decorative finish of the table. The recess in the center of the table can be used to place a vase or turntable. The cone-shaped base of the table rests on a base made of metal with bronze varnish.

Technical description