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Production - Italy
Factory - Opinionsiatti
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Mammamia is now in a daring trendy finish... for the real daredevils!

Hand-studded with 398 pins, the Mammamia PUNK is a special version of the Mammamia chair by Lapo Ciatti with a die-cast aluminum body and a galvanized steel structure.

The chair was introduced in 2013, the year when the whole world paid tribute to the style of "punk" through a prestigious exhibition organized by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Mammamia Punk is a chair that, in keeping with the punk movement, has an unorthodox strong and determined character.

Easily customizable: there are many combinations that can be achieved by modulating the body, structure and studs.

The body is available in finishes ranging from minimalist white or black to luxurious leaves, and the alternative version - polished mirror - will not go unnoticed.

The frame and studs can be matched with the body and are available in chrome, gold or black nickel finishes.

Complies with European standards UNI-EN 16139:2013 for strength, durability and safety.

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