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Production - Italy
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The new Logica Celata kitchen concept is the result of the creative inspiration of Gabriele Centazzo, founder and designer of the Valcucine brand. Logica Celata fully justifies its name ("celata" - hidden). This is a secret kitchen space with an evolutionary new design and ergonomics, a new look at the functionality of the kitchen. This is a kitchen where everything is at arm's length. With the help of a new concept, it is possible to organize a storage system with a technical channel and kitchen accessories, a cooking zone. And even a bar!

Executed as a single block, the Logica Celata kitchen appears before us as a single clean space, where every detail hides unique technologies and a special spirit. Just a little touch and the kitchen reveals all its innovative power, giving you a real spectacle. Thanks to special mechanisms, the front facade slides up smoothly and silently, revealing to your attention the internal accessories and the cooking area. After closing, the facade lines up with the base cabinets, all the contents of the storage system, sink, mixers disappear behind the facade and Logica Celata turns into a design element. Particular attention is paid to details such as the illuminated rear panel, which gives the space a special feeling of freedom.

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