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Production - Italy
Dimensions, cm - 382.4 x 96.6 cm H 218/256 cm
Logica Celata is the newest member of the Logica family from Valcucine. This is a kitchen that can be opened with a wave of the hand and just as easily closed when it is no longer needed. Model motto: Open with just one gesture and reveal your individuality. Designed by Gabriele Centazzo.

This is a kitchen where everything is at arm's length. With the help of the new concept, it is possible to organize a single block where:
- work area - Carrara marble worktop with integrated sink, Gessi mixer tap, Mile hob
- base cabinets with drawers, cutlery trays, waste sorting system, Miele dishwasher
- storage system New Logica System with technical channel, Miele hood, kitchen accessories
- general lighting of the entire kitchen, lighting of the back panel to increase the feeling of freedom, internal lighting of the base cabinets.

The front façade slides up smoothly and silently to reveal the interior accessories and cooking area. After closing, the facade lines up with the base cabinets, all the contents of the storage system, sink, mixers disappear behind the facade and Logica Celata turns into a design element. Opening system of base cabinets - by pressing. Dishwasher door opening system – Knock2open (knock twice to open the door).

The frame of the base cabinets is laminated chipboard, which complies with Japanese environmental standards F ****, anthracite color. Frame storage system New Logica System - aluminum, black. Shelves - smoked glass. The tabletop is Carrara marble, polished. Facades - aluminum frame and glossy glass, cement color. Drawer fronts in tactile walnut.

Internal filling of base cabinets:
Drawers for placing dishes and kitchen utensils (plates, pots)
Drawers and trays for cutlery
Liner trays for accessories (kitchen knives, whisks, temperature probe, pizza cutter, grater, spatulas, vegetable peelers and other culinary utensils)
Anti-slip mats in drawers
Garbage sorting system and storage compartment for household chemicals
Internal lighting

The main advantage of Logica Celata is that all the best achievements of the Valcucine factory in design, technology, and functionality are concentrated in it. None of the currently existing Valcucine kitchens has collected in one place everything that the Valcucine factory can boast of:
- The concept of Celata (Italian "helmet") - when there is no need in the kitchen, it is closed with a kind of visor. And it is an art object, an interior design item. And when you want to use it, a wave of your hand is enough ... and the upper facades rise - and, behold, the kitchen is at your service. You can cook and embody your culinary skills and dreams! And surprise your relatives, friends and ... guests.
- Storage system: all accessories, kitchen utensils - at hand. Organized as a stylized shelving unit, it accommodates a swivel mixer, a drainer for glasses and plates, a holder for knives and cutting boards, an additional pull-out mixer with a hose for filling pots, a holder for paper towels, cling film and foil. There are also swivel containers for jars of spices, horizontal rails with hooks, sockets and usb connectors, a stand for gadgets or recipe books.
- V-Motion - non-contact patented opening and backlight control system. Simplifies your daily routine in the kitchen. Find the stylized logo of the Valcucine factory... And you will have access to the management of this kitchen
- Move your hand up. The door will open and the backlight will turn on.
- Click on the Valkucine logo... and the general lighting of the kitchen will light up
- Swipe left or right to select backlight color palette
- Make a small circular motion with your index finger to select the shade of light (color temperature)
- Hold the sensor for three seconds to stop the automatic movement of the door. Serves as a child lock
- Movement of the hand down. The door will close and the backlight will turn off.

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