Natura table, manufacturer CASTAGNA

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Delivery on order
Within a period of 3 months after the conclusion of the contract.
Production - Italy
Factory - DitreItalia
Dimensions, cm - 319 x 162 cm H 93/73 cm
Corner modular sofa Arlott from Ditre Italia. Designed by Gabriele and Oscar Buratti. Arlott upholstered furniture set compositionally consists of a comfortable chaise longue and a roomy 3-seater element with one armrest. For perfect relaxation, reading, communication, the back cushion can be raised to the desired position. The sofa set includes 2 decorative pillows 50x50 cm (light gray Like 704 and antique pink Like 603). Additional decor - horizontal stitching on the back cushions and on the outer sides of the armrests. Removable upholstery - Macro 005 fabric, geometric pattern with brown and beige colors. Front lower surface of the base - without upholstery, metal, light brown color (Light Brown ME11). Legs are black.

Technical description