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Manufacture - Italy
Factory - MissuraEmme
Dimensions, cm -
The Italian Beatrice bed from MisuraEmme makes a special impression thanks to the diverse and unique craftsmanship of the craftsmen. The headboard is divided into two parts and equipped with a mechanism that allows you to adjust its position (5 inclined positions). Cozy and comfortable innovation.

The headboard and bed frame have replaceable upholstery made of fabric or leather (Velcro fastening is used for convenience). The Beatrice bed is available with glossy metal legs or with a storage system. In the version with a container, the lifting mechanism of the lattice provides two possible positions: horizontal for spreading the bed and inclined for using the storage system. The maximum height of the mattress is 20 cm. The removable upholstery is designed so that the bed can be placed in the center of the bedroom.

Design - Ennio Arosio.

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